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Our commitment to innovation and quality has put our refrigeration systems and linear freezers to the forefront of refrigeration technology.

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Developer and Manufacturer of Highly Efficient Freezing Technology for Industrial Plants

Optimize your Production with our Systems

COOLANT, a company of the MECOTEC Group, offers a unique spectrum in the ultra-low temperature range and the greatest possible flexibility for industrial customers.

The Zwickau site and its employees are being expanded to become the “Industrial Applications and Large Plants” competence center under the leadership of Jan Hüneburg. Testing new innovations and developing proven ones – with the experience and competence of decades of freezing technology expertise.

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What do we offer?

Large-scale energy-optimized plants in the industrial sector, such as convenience food trade, pharmaceutical companies or the process industry.

How are we doing it?

Everything from a single source – construction, sales, project planning, assembly and maintenance of low-temperature systems.

Who are we?

A highly qualified team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers with many years of experience in the construction of low-temperature systems.

Industrial system solutions for cryogenic technology

Since its foundation in 1998, COOLANT GmbH has developed from a pioneer in the field of industrial electric cryogenic freezing to a leading company offering special high-tech cooling solutions in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.



  • Linear freezers, wagon freezers and spiral freezers with compact dimensions and temperatures from -25°C to - 70°C
  • Customer portfolio: Meggle GmbH & Co. KG, ARGRU Boulangerie, Sprehe Group, Berschneider GmbH, Abel & Schäfer / Komplet

Linear Cooling

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Deep-freeze storage with logistics zones for pharmaceutical products
  • Deep-freeze containers with redundant refrigeration units up to -80°C
  • Customer portfolio: Dermapharm AG, MIBE GmbH Arzneimttel CureVac SE, Biontech SE

Pharma applications

Pharma cooling systems

Process Cooling

  • Production lines for fermentation and cooling processes including automation technology
  • Alternating temperature chambers for air temperatures from +35°C to -40°C
  • Customer portfolio: Brandt Zwieback, Bäckermeister Grobe, Bäckerei Sprung, Backhaus Kutzer, Bäckerhaus Veit, Katz der Bäcker

Process cooling