Process Cooling

  • Cooling technology with coordinated air guidance systems
  • Symmetrical displacement flow and humidity control
  • Airflow without turbulence
  • Outstanding appearance and hygiene thanks to stainless steel surfaces
  • Air-source air ducting systems
  • Constant temperature due to internal cold accumulators
  • Long-term stable cell systems
  • Fully welded floor pans
  • Refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants
  • Defrosting processes and heating processes from heat recovery

Our references in Process Cooling

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Cryogenic applications for process cooling

Typical products

  • Dough pieces
  • Baked goods
  • Convenience products
  • Sensitive products

Key features

  • Low operating costs
  • Industrial stability
  • Low dehydration
  • Preservation of shape and cell structure
  • HACCP compliant hygiene standard